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The World’s Wildest Cities

Some surprisingly large wild spaces are thriving within metropolitan areas.

Jason Overdorf June 14, 2019

Most Big City Crime Happens in Daylight

While most crime takes place during daylight hours, serious crimes are more commonplace at night, a study finds.

Lauren Favre June 12, 2019

Where Drug Users Double as Medics

Distributing naloxone to the drug-using population helps explain California's lower rate of deaths from fentanyl and other opioids, harm reduction workers and researchers say.

Kaiser Health News June 11, 2019

Public Art and Water Pollution

Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of several cities using public art to draw attention to water pollution.

Melanie D. G. Kaplan June 11, 2019

San Francisco to Close its Juvenile Hall

San Francisco will become the first major U.S. city to close down its juvenile detention center.

Lauren Favre June 10, 2019

Overdose Antidote Has Been in Short Supply at Philly Pharmacies

Long after a blanket statewide prescription aimed at boosting naloxone access was issued, only 1 in 3 Philadelphia pharmacies had the medication in stock.

Katelyn Newman June 7, 2019

Americans Are Divided on Self-Driving Cars

A survey by engineering firm HNTB found 57% of respondents familiar with the vehicles would be willing to ride in them.

Lauren Favre June 6, 2019

Residents Support Safe Injection Site in Philly

The survey results come as federal authorities have sought to bar such a venue from opening.

Katelyn Newman June 6, 2019

Are Pogo Sticks the New E-Scooters?

A Swedish company thinks its Pogo sticks can give e-scooters a run for their money.

Lauren Favre June 5, 2019

The Photos You Should See – June 2019

U.S. News photo editors curate this month's most compelling images from at home and abroad.

June 5, 2019




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